Types of funerals


Green funerals


These are funerals where there is a burial in a woodland burial site or on your own property. The coffin can be made from wood, willow or board and wild flowers and plants may be used for decoration.


A green burial can be conducted by the officiant of your choice ranging from an ordained minister to a family friend or family members, and can be preceded by a church service if you wish. This will be a bespoke service, please ask for details.


Traditional church funerals


These are familiar to many of us as a church service of any denomination, followed by a burial or by a cremation. There will usually be hymns, readings and prayers, accompanied by music. We can provide pall bearers, though often family members will take this role. If there is to be a cremation, often this will be attended by the family only, with interment or scattering of the ashes at a later date. This is a bespoke service, please ask for further details.


Traditional crematorium services


These can be of any denomination or none, following the format of a church service, or being as individual as you wish. Interment or scattering of the ashes takes place at a later date. Please see plans below. We can also offer a bespoke service tailored to your needs.